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These are why programmers should stick to writting code - Many Worlds in 100 Words

About These are why programmers should stick to writting code

Previous Entry These are why programmers should stick to writting code Dec. 17th, 2012 @ 11:36 am Next Entry

     The relentless suns beat down on him. Stranded in the wasteland, one thing was certain; no matter how bad the situation he always had a way out prepared. If there was anything he admired this was it, the most reliable place he could put his faith. Considering all the things lost when humans came to this planet, the technology, the souls of the forsaken, it was a miracle this survived. “One more piece ought to do it. Lord, what would I do without duct tape?” he said to himself. Nothing could break that it couldn’t fix, including his precious Angelina.

     “The boss has gone nuts this time. I’m sure of it.”

     “I hear ya Jeff, old BDN hasn’t been the same since the sand steamer incident.”

     “Shut up you two, I’m serious. What could shine brighter in history than proving the intelligence of a Thomas? Besides, gotta do something to show up Vash after the fifth moon incident.”

     “Sir, with all due respect, I don’t think you can top that. Ever.”

     “Oh yeah? These birds taught me all the math I know. Just you wait ‘till my flock publishes their calculus text book and start their careers as university professors.”

     “Nyao.” Vash whirled around at the familiar call.

     “Oh, hey, it’s you again.” He never understood why he and that cat kept crossing paths but always welcomed the company. “I’ve got a surprise for you! I never have a can opener so I got something even better. Say ‘Hello’ to boot blade!”  Vash set a can of salmon on the ground and opened it. Nobody after him would involve his feline companion in their fights. And didn’t Rem say cats had nine lives? If anyone was safe around him it was Kuroneko-Sama. This new tool would help them both survive.

     The group was checking into the hotel when a machine in the corner caught Wolfwood’s eye. “Look at that, an arcade machine. Let’s play, who’s in?”

     “Ooh, ooh, me. I wanna play a game!” Vash enthusiastically volunteered.

     “Me too, Mr. Priest, sounds like fun.” Millie joined in.

      Meryl, staying focused on her priorities, declined “You go ahead. I’ll get our rooms.” After inserting a few coins the machine came to life with lights and sound and the game began.

     “You’re terrible at this.”

     “But I don’t want to kill anything. I can win another way.”

     “Jesus, tongari. It’s Space Invaders.”

     Day two of consciousness, Knives began protesting. “Don’t expect me to live among them.”

     “When we crashed I followed you, now it’s my turn to lead. If I’d given up I’d have left you in Dimitri. You don’t like being alone any more than I do. Besides, ‘With dreams to be a king, first one should be a man.’ One day you’ll learn.”

     “What’s that supposed to mean?”

     “You’re a child. You think like a spoiled brat, but living with humans will teach you how to conquer them.” Vash appealed to his brother however possible, hoping he’d change him someday.

A/N: Vash's quote taken from "Warriors of the World" by Manowar.

     I never deserved heaven. I expected oblivion, or at least Hell, but this… this is ridiculous. “You say you gave away your soul? Wait here until we know where you belong, Mr. Bluesummers.” He never let me speak another word. “Check the archives, he’s not Satan’s, ask Odin, Zeus, maybe Buddha. Somebody find out who owns this man!”

     “Hello, I’m Rem. I’m here to keep you company. Want some tea?” Why her? She who tainted Vash’s mind and forced Master to settle for me instead? Fools, panicking over information I’d gladly provide. Why won’t they listen? Please Master, save me!

Been crammed with classes so no free time. Then had lots of free time between exams and when they said we can go home and these were the results. I swear I'll have something written for Christmass, if not then beat me with small children.
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