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Not gone, just real life sucking away fandom time. - Many Worlds in 100 Words

About Not gone, just real life sucking away fandom time.

Previous Entry Not gone, just real life sucking away fandom time. Apr. 19th, 2013 @ 04:32 pm

   Vash is stubborn, but nothing a little extra fire power can’t handle. The humans destroyed Earth through their stupidity, but one took on Hell itself and returned alive. Legend says he carried seven guns and a chainsaw. He was the best of the space marines, a nameless soldier by all known records. I’ve finally found him, still in cryogenic stasis. Imagine Vash’s dismay when humanity’s original savior guns him down. Brother’s reputation will help convince him to accept. I’ve even brought some new toys as incentive to join me. He’ll never know he was the catalyst to the humans’ doom!

   The silent hunter stalks his prey, birds screeching above. For generations this profession had been handed down from father to son. Back on Earth this old gun called the sea home. The targets where too big to reel in on a typical line but too agile to take without a fight. The gun was designed to hook fish, kill them, and then retract with the catch secured. One could say little had changed after relocating to this sandy land. Caine the Longshot continued the tradition. The barrel still served for distance but harpoons weren’t needed as he fished for gunmen.

“Hey no fair, give back my arm!”
“Next time think before taking my cigarettes. You’ll get your arm when my lungs fill with nicotine!”
“I swear I didn’t touch them.”
“Yeah, like you didn’t crash my bike! I’m not stupid, you’re no innocent.”
“I really need it back. How about showing some of that mercy?”
“Good morning. Mr. Vash, Mr. Wolfwood, What’s so exciting?”
“Hi honey! tongari took my cigs, just payback.”
“Oh, he didn’t. You forgot them at dinner so I kept them for you.”
“Ehehe, woops. If I give this back, promise you won’t hit me with it?”

     “Ms. Stryfe, it’s nearly one AM,” The janitor placed a hand on her shoulder and gently shook. “Do you not realize you can go home?”
     Meryl slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head. “Wha… Oh! I’m so sorry Jerry. I was researching my new assignment and didn’t notice the office closing.” The young lady was about to panic.
     Jerry chuckled at the typical Friday scene. “But you don’t leave until Tuesday. I’ll unlock the door, go enjoy your weekend.”
    “Thanks, Millie and I are going to the café tomorrow, one last time before leaving. The Humanoid Typhoon seems dangerous.”

     “When are we getting a puppy?” Knives sulked in his chair, refusing to drop his latest obsession even for lunch.
     “I told you there’s none on this ship, sorry. Behave until we reach our new home and you’ll get one.”
     “What about the stories from Earth? Every kid needs a puppy. They’re loyal and smart and…”
     Rem gave an exhausted sigh. “For now settle with taking turns pretending during play time.”

   Vash’s sobs persisted yet another night. Knives couldn’t understand him sometimes. “She should’ve gotten us a puppy. It’d protect us from them, I’d let them live, everyone’d be happy.”
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Date:May 13th, 2014 01:21 am (UTC)
yay! I love these!
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