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Many Worlds in 100 Words

Y'all come back now, you hear?

The Trigun Drabble Community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to 100bullets, the Trigun Drabble Community. Looketh below to learn, mortal:

General Information & Rules

1. What is a drabble?

Contrary to some people's beliefs (yes, this is a peev of mine), a drabble is a short ficlet that consists of exactly 100 words--no more, no less. The title doesn't count. A drabble is not just a very short fic. If you post a non-drabble ficlet, you won't be booted, as I am a benevolent dictator, but you will be gently reminded. If you make a habit of it...well, just don't, all right? That's what trigun_fics is for.

2. Do I have to post to join the community?

No. You're encouraged to feedback posts, but you're not obligated to post anything yourself.

3. What's the rating limit?

All ratings are allowed, including NC-17 (if you can fit it in, no pun intended) but if it's not work safe, put it behind an lj-cut. Use your judgment.

4. Who are the bosses?

I (jaina) am in charge of this shindig. I can be reached at lhanson@bgnet.bgsu.edu, but in a pinch, I suppose fadingembers will do. Look out for the kittyface at fadingembers [at] livejournal.com.

5. What can get me in trouble?

Being an ass. Promoting unrelated communities. (If it’s drabble-related, it’s almost certainly okay, but I really hate huge cross-posting so if you’re not sure it’s right, check with me) Being disrespectful in comments to other people’s drabbles. (Not all feedback has to be positive, but a community is a little different than fanfiction.net, people. We all have to play in a small sandbox here.) Just be good. I like to think of this as a benevolent dictatorship, but just because there aren’t tons of rules doesn’t mean I won’t boot you out if I decide you shouldn’t be here.

In general, if you do something really obnoxious, you'll get test-banned for one month. After that, it's permanent. But in general, we like to just warn people to tone it down a bit and then go back to playing ncie with each other.

But I don’t bite. Unless you ask nicely.

Weekly Challenges

Members are free to post whatever drabbles they dream up, but once a week, usually Sundays Mondays, two challenges are posted. The general challenge just throws out a word, phrase or idea meant to inspire. Anyone can write a general challenge drabble whenever they want, but no one has to; it's just meant to be a helpful kickstart for ideas.

For the individual drabble challenge, participants must sign up in a posted poll and list something they would like to see in a drabble. This could involve characters, a certain situation, a certain theme--or all of the above, though it's not a good idea to be TOO picky and evil to whoever gets your request. Requests are shuffled and then doled out to those who signed up--someone will write the drabble you requested, and you will write someone else's, tra la la. Individual drabble challenges should be included within 7 days, before the next week's assignments are handed out.